About Me


Everything you need to know about racing in Midwest Wisconsin

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by cars, their power, how they’re built, and the incredible ingenuity that goes into the design of each part. As I’ve gotten older, my interest has evolved into a fully-fledged obsession of racecars, the epitome of new car technology. Car racing keeps the world of cars thriving in a way the regular automobile market simply can’t touch. Not only does car racing showcase some of the newest and most revolutionary technology out there, but they also show off the classic cars that brought us to where we are now. Race cars are awesome, and I’m here to share my passion for them.

What’s this blog about?

Midwest Racing is dedicated to everything about cars and racing, particularly in the Midwest Wisconsin area. There is so much to learn about cars. It’s hard to find the right place to start, but I provide information relevant to all people. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or have never even added oil to your car, there’s something here for you. Tutorials, upcoming events, news, cool new tech, the future of racecars, gushing about old classic cars, and more, I cover it all.

Most of the content will be relative to the Midwest Wisconsin area, as it has an incredible history with racing and harbors some of the best racetracks in the country (and I also happen to live here). I’m certainly not a car or mechanical genius, but my love of cars is unceasing. I do my best to provide the most accurate and non-clickbaity content you can find about cars and racing on the web!