Get Ready for 43rd Annual Spring Jefferson Auto Swap Meet & Car Show

The Spring Jefferson Car Show and Auto Swap Meet is coming back to Jefferson, WI again this April 24th through the 26th. The show is coming up on its 43rd anniversary. It will be larger than ever before, with over 20,000 spectators expected to attend. The swap meet will feature over 3,100 vendors selling various car parts and accessories. It’s a great place to pick up some of those more obscure and hard to find parts! The show also features a “Cars for Sale Corral,” which will be stocked full of hundreds of different cars, with a wide variety of makes and models to choose from. The Spring Jefferson Swap Meet and Car Show is one of the best places to find parts, buy or sell cars, drool over beautiful show-cars, and hang out with fellow auto-enthusiasts!

History of Midwest Car Swap and Meet

The auto show in Jefferson was started by Gary Esse with the help of his wife, LaRhee. By the age of 13, Gary knew he was going to be a lifelong car lover. As his love for everything automotive grew, he started selling specific car parts, eventually turning it into a fully-fledged business. Gary first came up with the idea of starting a car show when driving home one night from Hersey, PA. He decided that the Midwest needed more great car shows, just like the ones he had attended for years in Pennsylvania. After forming his business under the name Madison Classics, Gary launched what would become one of the most popular car shows in Midwest Wisconsin. Though his wife unfortunately passed away in 2011, Gary continues to host the events with his three sons, David, Paul, and Erick.

Event Details

The Spring Jefferson Auto Swap Meet & Car Show offers a wide range of activities for car lovers everywhere, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the details! Here’s some more information about the event, including pricing and what you can expect to see.


The entrance fee is only $10.00 for adult spectators, and children under 12 years old enter for free. Parking at the fairgrounds is $5, but certainly worth it for the convenience.

Car Show

The car show, which is one of the main events, features hundreds of incredible vehicles to check out. People from across the country come for this event, so you’re certainly in for a treat! If you’re looking to enter your own vehicle, it’s only $10, and they allow practically any car as long as it’s running. The Madison Classics website states that “all makes, models, and years of vintage character or special interest vehicles are welcome in the car show area. Vehicles must be in running condition.” The car show is only on Saturday and Sunday.


Perhaps the most popular aspect of the event is being able to both sell and purchase car parts and accessories from thousands of different vendors. If you’re looking to sell some parts yourself, you can pre-register for a swap space! The deadline to pre-register is April 1st, but you may be able to find a space the day-of, providing you’re willing to pay an increased fee. Spaces vary in price and dimensions but are reasonable based on how much you’re selling. Remember, spaces tend to fill up fast, so be sure to register early! The Madison Classics website event page provides more details on pricing and sizes.

Cars for Sale Corral

If you’ve been looking to purchase a vehicle, the Cars for Sale Corral is something you shouldn’t miss. Hundreds of vehicles of varying makes and models will be available for purchase. You also shouldn’t miss the Sale Corral if you’re looking to sell a car. It’s $60.00 flat to enter a vehicle in the Cars for Sale Corral for the whole weekend, and thousands of people will see it. However, if it’s not running, it’ll cost you $120. Spaces are available in advance, and according to the website, there are absolutely no “vehicle age/make/model restrictions in the Cars for Sale Corral.” If you have an oversized vehicle, such as a lifted truck, you may have to pay an additional fee, check with Madison Classics to be sure.

The Greatest Car Show in the Midwest!

The Jefferson Swap Meet and Car Show is something no auto enthusiast should miss out on. Hundreds of cars from across the U.S. will be on display, with hundreds more available to buy. Thousands of parts and accessories will be for sale, making even the most stubbornly obscure parts easy to find. Even if you’re across the country, it’s worth it to come down and check it out! Feel free to contact Midwest Racing if you have any further questions or comments about the event—I’d be happy to help. I hope to see you there!